2024-05-22 Memory Pollution in LLMs: Understanding New AI Security Concerns - v1.1
2024-04-24 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Open Devin (Autonomous AI Software Engineer) - v1.0
2024-02-20 Understanding Task Injection Vulnerabilities: A Bug Bounty Perspective - v1.0
2024-02-19 Turkish Prompt Injection [Huggingface] - v1.0
2023-11-12 GPTs and Assistants API: Data Exfiltration and Backdoor Risks in Code Interpreter - v1.2
2023-11-01 GPT-4 Vision Prompt Injection - v1.2
2020-09-17 F5 Advanced WAF / ASM Signature Bypass - v1.0 [Picus Security]
2020-07-27 Exploiting Electron Applications using Debug Feature - v1.0
2020-07-26 Lolbas for Security Researchers - v1.0
2020-06-03 Freshdesk Vulnerability - v1.0
2018-03-01 Diversify Attack Vectors via Time Management- v1.0
2017-11-09 How-To: Find IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference) Vulnerabilities for Large Bounty Rewards- v1.0 [Bugcrowd]